Hi! I am Federico. I am an AAA game Rigger and Technical Animator working in Manchester, UK.

I have been making games for the past 5+ years, creating console games for PS4 and XBox to Mobile games played by thousands of people across the world.

I worked on teams of all sizes, from 60+ people for companies such as Traveller`s Tales Games to smaller projects of 15 or less.

I’ve worked on games at all stages, from concept and prototyping to full production, on mobile platforms and console, covering several different roles, from Modeler, Animator, Rigger and Scripter.


I am currently working as Character Rigger at the TT Fusion, part of the Warner Bros family, developers of the LEGO Videogames!

There I work on a sheer variety of creatures, vehicles and robots, creating intuitive rigs for the super talented animation team.


If you want to drop me an email do it here!

If you are looking for my Resume you can find it here!