Title: LEGO – The Incredibles

Company: Traveller`s Tales

Role: Character Rigger

Platform: PS4, XBOX One, PC



I worked on all the major characters, creatures and vehicles of the game, such as the whole Parr Family, the villains, props, weapons and animated environmental structures.


My responsibilities included:

  • Developing and integrating new rigged characters in the game engine and ensure compatibility and functionality.
  • Working closely with the animation team to delineate effective and intuitive setups for optimal animation efficency and creative output.
  • Developing scripts to facilitate repetitive tasks and aid the rigging and other departments in managing complex batch procedures or solve problems that may arise during production.
  • Establishment of a solid naming convention to grant consistency across rigs and simplify the creation of scripts that would use such naming convention.


Technologies Used:

  • Maya
  • Python
  • In-house Engine technology



LEGO – The Incredibles Official In Game Trailer

LEGO – The Incredibles Cinematic Trailer